• Baltic Wharf Sailing Club

2019 "Double Saturdays"

The proposal that was emailed to all current members was this:

The idea would be that there would be a race at about 11am, then a break around lunchtime, and a second race at about 2pm.  The morning and afternoon races would be part of different series so that members could, without disadvantage, race in the morning, or afternoon, or (ideally) both.  The OODs for the day would run both races.  This would be for just for the "peak season" - the summer months.

20 members responded.  Of those, 18 are for it and 1 opposed it, with one respondent being ambivalent.  2 members said that they personally would only do the one race, but were in favour if others wanted to do two.

3 members who were in favour of the Saturday morning idea mentioned that it might be good to use Saturday morning 'meets' to do things other than race - cruise, for example.

The one member who opposed did so on these grounds:

"the bit I don't like about the proposal is that when I was OOD I would be committed to being there all day. I wouldn't like that - I have a lot to fit into a Saturday AM!"

This is a valid point, and consideration will be given to giving "double Saturday" OOD duties to those members who support them should such Saturdays be incorporated into the 2019 calander.