• markpilgrimis

BWSC keeps sailing - virtually!

This is to update everyone on the Virtual Regatta series undertaken over the last few weeks - and to encourage all members who want to give it a try to take part in the current 'Lockdown Series'.

The result of the 'Select a Representative for the National RYA Championship' Series was very close. Ben Palmer just pipped Ross Henderson to the top - so Ben will be representing BWSC at the Regional Championships later this month. We congratulate him and wish him well in his bid for the Nationals!

If any Club member who hasn't taken part in the Virtual Regatta sailing at 2.00pm on Saturday's and Sundays for 5 races in approx an hour would like to do so, please feel free to do so. Participants need to become part of the BWSC Virtual Regatta WhatsApp group in order to know what code to input for each race...plus take part in the chat and banter surrounding each race! 

The RYA is supplying videos on YouTube enabling virtual sailors to improve their virtual skills: look online for RYA Virtual Regatta videos and you will no doubt find them. Apart from the ability to tack in front of opponents (tactically very useful in VR!), the rules and the experience are remarkably similar to real sailing - just less wet and windy!