Dear all

I have a few well, my OK and a borrowed OK that are both CRVDA craft, and of course hastings Firefly 1066 (rear main, spruce topped mk1), Happy to put sails and masts up on them, but won't be staying around in the cold and wet. If any fitter or healthier person from the club wishes to take part in this historic past time of vintage dinghy racing, please let me know. if it is windy have cut down's for both OK's, if a lighter person (<65kg)ish.

believe advertised start time is 9am, Saturday 10th Nov, with a head of harbor if I'm not mistaken. All are insured and ready to race, if very windy then apologies, won't be sending out the 60 year old, but the late 30 and 40's yr olds are still very young and happy on the sea, so a windy docks would put a grin on their faces.