• cqueree

Hansa Event warm not windy

This club has continued to support Bristol Sailability today by running the race operation for AAW and ensuring it is run properly.

We ran two races before lunch and two after lunch. Tricky Bristol winds meant we had rapid decisions to take to ensure all four races happened and people did not get too hot or too frustrated by the winds, light and variable.

My thanks to the following for their efforts Rupert,Mike Lane and Julie, Richard Jones, Pete Truss,Kelvin Palmer and Pete Sanders.

I know loads of clubs run races and Open meetings but it is a pleasure to be part of a team of people who run one SMOOTHLY and also correctly.

Two of the participants are also members of the squad our members run in the docks, another plus for us as a club.

Thanks again to everyone,moves are afoot to ensure it happens on a Saturday next time round and will attract more sailors, but the nine who sailed today were well looked after and that is down to us.