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...new member Celine Petitjean

Hello, I finally properly join the club this year!

I learnt to sail 3 years ago on the east coast of the USA (Chesapeake bay, next to Annapolis). I have been mostly sailing on flying scotts, heavy dinghy of 19 feet long over 2 seasons there. I crewed for races and started to skipper myself there and I love that! I also did several 1 to 3 days cruises on the bay with big boats from 34 to 37 feet.

I move to Bristol a year ago, and was very happy to find the club!I have been crewing several time with Kelvin, Richard, Ben and Rich I think.If you need a crew, for a Saturday or at anytime, for dinghy or bigger boat, I am always happy to jump in!!I love to skipper too, and looking for opportunities!

Looking forward to more sailing and racing with you all!