• johngulson

Next weekend it’s Super Saturday and Sunday!

There will be sailing on both days next weekend with visitors from the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association on Saturday and our normal race on Sunday.

You can find details of both days on this site. (Go to Calendar in the Members section for the Sunday and to Open Meetings for the Saturday.)

For more about CVRDA, have a look at their website http://www.cvrda.org/ They say there that they don’t have members: "That is to say any one is welcome to come along to any of our events as long as your boat qualifies! (built before 1985 and of a class designed before 1965)."

If you can find a boat that fits these criteria then you can enjoy a race to the Head of the Harbour in the morning and two more, shorter races later in the day. It’s a good day with some interesting visitors.

It’s an early start! The gates will be open at 9.00 and the visiting boats are usually very punctual. There will be a briefing at 1030 and the first race will start promptly at 1100.