5th August 2017

1 – Adrian (362.15) !

2 – Richard Steptoe (362.95) !

3 – Ben Palmer (370)

4 – Chris (385)

5 – Mikey and Will (401) !

6 – Kelvin Palmer (401.24) !

7 – Isla (414)

8 – Trevor (441)

9 – Richard Jones (444)

10 – Jackie (457) !

11 – Adrian and Wilfy (458) !

12 – Pete and John (471)

13 – Nick (488)


13 boats contested the race today. A very strange day even for the docks racing veterans. The wind was settled as North Westerly but the gusts in the morning backed to Westerly but in the afternoon headed out to North. 


The race OOD crew, Simon, Karen and James, timed it perfectly to have the five minute signal in very light air and for the last minute prestart the next squall came and got everyone away to a good clean start.


Chris got off the line and headed the field to the first mark, perfectly set up for a port rounding according to race instructions but then rounded as starboard rounding. Threw his lead away and had to unwind before rejoining race in seventh place.


Heading to the first leeward mark the field bunched, fouled each other's air and then decided that fouling boats might be good. Some slow speed crosses and touches meant that a noisy approach to the mark allowed Chris to regain second.


During the race wind strength varied and some got friendly lifts during upwind legs, some didn't. Adrian Holmes was not able to stretch out too far. Ben was finding a race much more fun if you did 720 exonerating turns, 360 mark hitting and then capsizing. Richard Steptoe did not have the race he feared and the wind stayed up. Jackie continued her series of good races. Nick sailed his first solo race since 1976 and continued to finish. Wilfy joined Adrian for his first ever race having enjoyed his first sail ever only two hours earlier. Mikey Dennis joined with Will Lewin to represent the sat morning race squad and sailed the Vanguard 15. Kelvin sailed his Supernova and was relieved not to be pairing others, as he so kindly often does.


A short burst of heavy rain damped the wind and soaked the sailors sending the OOD crew into the trees, apparently to gain a better view of the race course, whereas funnily Alan thought the view was fine. They did manage to re-emerge for the end of the race.

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