19th August 2017

1 - Adrian Holmes 223 seconds per lap average

2 - Ben 229

3 - Chris 241

4 - Richard Steptoe 260

5 - Paddy Royal 286

6 - Adam Griffiths 340 (crewed by James)

7 - John Stansfield Timed out of race

8 - Mark Pilgrim Timed out of race

9 - Michael D DNF

10 - Isla DNF

11 - Jackie DNF

12 - Martin DNF

13 - Adrian McFarlane


Have failed to find the speed of the wind in the docks. Filton was 23 and gusts of 33. The gusts were dominating, string and sudden, sometimes sustained for 5 minutes or so. In bright high skies we saw windy conditions with cats paws all over the course. Although officially WSW it was more Nwesterly on some occasions but as the afternoon wore on it swung back.


Race Officers, Trevor and Pete. Heroes of the afternoon Pete and Kelvin who provided high quality safety work for the fleet. At one stage 4 boats inverted simulaneously and Jackie watching fro an upturned Laser says it was a decent spectator sport this afternoon. We had a late start and then at 1 minute to go the race start was abandoned and a restart called. This was done so that the start line would not have two halves either side of Adrian McFarlane's Comet, and Adrian.


Thirteen boats presented themselves to start and signed on and some others witnessed a lively afternoon testing the skills of the sailors and more importantly the confidence they brought to the water. The race was called eventually inside the hour which was sensible management with the competitors having spent a long time, pre-race conditions having been as energy sapping as the race itself.


Sad to say this report does not contain the details you might like to read. I cannot recall the order in which boats capsized. I cannot list the number of times which competitors capsized. I cannot even recall the words spoken by each of them as they realised the inevitable was about to happen. I can say that one was standing on one side of the docks while his boat remained upside down on the other. I can say that one was inspecting the underside of the raised walkway at Young Bristol for some time but got bored and rejoined the race for a more exciting Saturday afternoon. Neither of the K1s capsized. The Enterprise did not capsize. Everything else did. ( As always your report writer is completely fallible as taking notes whilst actually trying to race is something not yet mastered, so apologies for errors)


It was reported to your reporter by one competitor that he was so angry when overtaken by Chris that he just dumped his boat in the water. He then got angry four more times when Chris was nowhere near. You explain it.


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