26th August 2017

1 - Ben 317

2 - Jackie 377

3 - Chris 383

4 - Kelvin 384 (!)

5 - Peter 419

6 - Ross 446

7 - Pete and John 464

8 - Richard and guest 607


Bank Holiday weekend obviously meant some sailors decided to look to family duties, some off racing elsewhere and some clearly looked at wind predictions and chose to eat ice cream somewhere else.


What a contrast to last week! 21Kts became 2 and we just about managed to keep moving. Stalling was going to be an issue, before the race Ben and Chris were almost caught napping as they inspected rounding mark 1 five minutes before race start. At the first audible warning they were at the mark. It took five minutes to get back to the line, Chris asking for permission to dip the line and just making it in time.


Ross and Kelvin on Supernovas got away well and looked to take good positions with Jackie close behind Ben. Chris found the weight of the keel a real handicap this week where it saved his bacon last week. Peter joined for the first race in the Cormorant with a handicap into the 1400s, against the Comet on 1204 and the Gull in the 1300s. Jackie makes 1100 in the Radial and the rest all close in the 1070 range. The range made it difficult to see exactly who was where. Ben stayed out in front, with uncluttered wind but could not get too far off the front of the fleet. A complete drop of wind on the first run saw Chris going backwards and Kelvin getting ahead of Jackie.


As the race unfolded Ross saw boats getting away from him, including Kelvin making good use of the Supernova's ability to take a zephyr and turn it into a 11kts breeze. It still needs skill to do that though and he pulled away from Ross. Jackie (a first, two seconds and a third this series) never lost touch with Chris who took until the last corner or so to make distance between himself and Kelvin count. They had contested position throughout the race, Kelvin taking the downwind with Chris recovering on the beat. Ben was heard to commiserate with Kelvin when Chris invited Kelvin to have a go on the last corner and then shut to open door on him, causing the buoy to be hit and a 360 giving Chris the space he needed. Kelvin felt the door had been SLAMMED, but Chris would surely never do that.


Throughout this Peter had been getting the Cormorant around the corners quite nicely, in a boat which does not like to point. Pete and John enjoyed a leisurely stroll in the RS200, which never enjoys light winds without a decent run to allow the asymmetric to recover the damage. Richard Jones discussed the finer points of sailing with another prospective member whilst bringing up the rear.

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