12th August 2017

Summer Series, Race 5


Eight boats were able to sail thanks to the generosity of Richard Jones and Alan Watson who, in the absence of the Duty OOD, offered to run a race for us.

Many, many thanks due, it was too good a day to miss.


Bright sunshine, a breeze, a few sustained gusts of wind and as steady for direction as the docks even gets. As we started a little late The Matthew had passed the race course before the start. The start was pretty tight with no one broaching the line but a lot of boats making the line at some speed, no calling needed and all got away. Simon and Karen stared after others as the reefed the Wayfarer in some strongish winds. Isla had already decided to brush up on capsize righting pre start and this had helped delay the start. Always one for perfection she gave it another go, just to be sure.


The race order was being turned upside down by handicap position as will be clear when looking at results but all the boats were close and stayed pretty much on the same lap during the afternoon. The Balloon Festival brought out lots of spectators and the new contingent of Bristol University's Chinese student contingent enjoyed a photo opportunity for the folks back home as they began the settling in process. The dock was busy.


Adrian got away and the Vanguard, sailed by Martin Hauge and Adam, got in amongst the K1s causing some, apparently unnecessary, avoidance activity on the tiller of one K1 but being gentlemen were tolerant of some blatant Port tack manoeuvres not deemed to be revenge. Avoiding 720s and 360s was not managed by several of the fleet during the faster sections of the race. Adrian decided to join in the fun by sailing without a tiller extension and was later dumbfounded to find this tactic cost him more than £7 in Force Four to put this right. His Northern Rock account will be pressed hard.

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