9th September 2017

1 - Adrian Holmes               282

2 - Chris                             288

3 - Tom Appleby and Jonny  293

4 - Mark Pilgrim                   314

5 - Adrian Mac and Jof          324

6 - James Noott                   327

7 - Richard Jones                 354

8 - John Stansfield               361


The new series started today and lots of things change with this series. The results of the SUmmer Series will be a different mailing.


For this series Ben has calculated a personal handicap for each sailor. These are based on the performance of each person in previous series. So , if you did badly your new handicap will reflect this. If you have done very well then you will be penalised. As Ben had been doing very well he gets 108 taken OFF his handicap. If you have done badly ( let's say Chris then he gets numbers added on) The full listing is attached.


So Ben also decided to be OOD today to get his third place along with Andy Stone. They set a course with a mid dock start line, to add a variant to normal race tracks and create a gap for ferries when we start.


What a start. Adrian H was over the line as his body was leaning out form the boat and the gunwhales then just crossed the line, so he had to go around the end and start. Adrian Mac and Chris both got their timing wrong and had to tack and gybe to get behind the line and start. In the Mean time Tom and Johnny had sailed off into the distance with a well timed start and showed every determination to hang onto their lead. Mark Pilgrim's special relationship with heaven meant that we got drenched before the race started, but were spared the lightning. Something was clearly wrong with the communication system on Mark's Comet and we got drenched again during the race, but again the lightning held off.

Adrian H and Chris pursued the lead boat and Adrian swiftly regained the lead to be in the place appointed to him ( by skill rather than communication with outside help). The Kestrel was also on a mission.

The course had a straight run down the south side of the dock and this held reasonably true all race but shifts on the beat and changes in strength provided an interesting set of conditions. Mark P sailed well and continued his improved performance this year. James Noott was clearly holding something back for later in the race but then forgot to let it go. Adrian Mac and Jof sailed the GP well.

The downpour in the latter part of the race ensured we got wet but had no squall in front of it and it did not kill the wind while it fell. Throughout the race we managed to keep it going. The question was, would the new handicap change the positions at the result?

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