23rd September 2017

Position   Name             Time per lap    Handicap

1          John Stansfield        347                1756

2          Mark Hicks              382                1521

3          Richard Steptoe     407                1190

4          Isla                             416                1254

5          Adrian H                  421                1048

6          Chris                        427               1099

7          Peter Truss              437               1668

8          Kelvin                       442               1149

9          Ben and Cath         476               1079

10        Martin Hauge        499               1048

11        Richard Jones          504                1663

12        Paddy Royal            526               1097


It is nice to have feedback on these reports, they rage from the complimentary

"Have been in Turkey for three months and have felt I stayed in touch", to the less than complimentary

"Takes longer to read than it does to race"

So for no particularly good reason I continue.


Personal handicap racing is about providing people who have not been successful in racing with a handicap which makes them more competitive, for one series a year. If you have been successful then you might now have a new handicap for the series which you feel is a penalty for success. SO for one series a year things get mixed up. Ben has worked hard to mix things up and keep changing handicaps. Some sailors are having a different handicap each week so this week I am including the handicap for each sailor.


The race?  

eeeuucchh! or NIeeeUUH! ( Sorry Rich could not quite catch it)

Difficult and testing for everyone. Westerly at one end, easterly at other end, mixing up and changing lap by lap. One lap as you left mark 2 you started a run, later laps mark two led you to a gentle beat. No rain, high skies and lots of people watching and walking around us.

The race was set and run by James Noott and Paul Linford assisted by Pete and Alan. James says it was a good race to watch, huh! Alright for some.

They set a start line on the far side, difficult for anyone to get a starboard approach. Ben managed to remind Chris that windward boats must keep clear, the wind then changed, by which time Chris was pushed off the end. Lots of calls and lots of close boats meant that a whole group of boats approached the first mark. Adrian needed to work to get through the group but strategy pays off and the need to go way past mark one before turning to mark 2 meant the boats started to string out. Mark 2 led into a slight run early in the race but during later laps it was a gentle beat. A lot of stalling on wind shifts allowed some boats to get away. Chris and Adrian changed the lead several times, Rich and Isla never let them get away. Mark found the transition for 40 foot to 12 very easy today, read the shifts well and stayed in touch. The RS200 found the conditions very hard and Ben and Cath did not enjoy themselves very much. 


The presence of several other boats from the sailing school on the course in these conditions did not help and the progress of several racers was compromised by them. Without wishing to make excuses for others it was a busy day for the school.


With a handicap range from 1756 to 1048 the need to maintain a close focus on your own boat and boat speed is paramount. The actual position of boats on the water becomes even more difficult to judge.

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