Race Result Oct 7th

From this week the race report will be e.mailed and also posted as a blog on the Website. 


Wind was from West but then was WNW and did not reach the gusts of 26kts predicted. The average wind was lower than expected. The decreasing wind speed did have patches of stronger wind within.


Graham Cross and John Gulson were our OODs and set a course which used the most of the water available.


The race started with the addition of The Matthew but sadly their lack of race experience meat they were facing the wrong way and travelling under power, which disqualified them from the race results. However their presence to the north of the start flag added a late restriction  the line and prevented a fast starboard approach. Pete and Oleg got a cracking start, along with Kelvin Chris followed and Adrian then followed on. Sadly Ross had capsized one minute before race start and this held him back at the start of the race.

By the time the fleet approached the third mark Chris had a clear lead, towards the wrong mark.  Pete of course spoiled it by telling Adrian not to say a thing, and Chris was corrected by Oleg to the right mark.

By the third time across the line Adrian had retaken the lead. In a fast paced race there were a number of capsizes and some calls being made.

Your correspondent cannot comment further on the race as he and Mark Pilgrim took independent decisions to investigate the underwater world of the cormorants in the centre of the course, in the same place and Graham and John were needed to allow others to avoid the raft drifting through the middle of the course.


5th Autumn Persona Handicap

7th October 2017


1 Kelvin                              224 seconds average lap time

2 John Stansfield                 233

3 Adrian                              238

4 Mark Pilgrim                     252

5 Ross Henderson                255

6 Pete and Oleg                   256

7 Richard Jones                   336



Nick Stroud ( rtd)

Chris           ( rtd)


A boat which starts and retires will have a score of the number of boats racing Plus one for the purpose of scoring a series.This can be important, Mike and Julie were scored for non participation earlier in this series whereas they had started and retired. The scores for series have been corrected.


Rule 44.1 b was breached today

 if the boat caused injury or serious damage or, despite taking a penalty, gained a significant advantage in the race or series by her breach her penalty shall be to retire.


Chris Querée


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