Race Report 14th October

Personal Handicap series 14/10/2017

The results published online are delayed as some competitors yesterday did not supply their personal handicap but instead supplied their Portsmouth Yardstick. This means the results passed around at the end of race are to be modified as soon as I have a set of the personal handicaps.

A warm day with gentle breeze which sadly died away during the latter part of the race blowing from WSW nd never getting higher than 4-5knots. The course was set by Chris as OOD and he was supported by Pete Saunders in the absence of the OOD2. Alan calculated the results on the information given and was our timekeeper.


Chris claims he tried NOT to set a W course but eventually he succumbed. This of course led to some complaints as a course which is not a circle or two circles joined together to make a figure of eight is clearly taxing on memory. SO much so that before getting to the first mark some had already forgotten the course. An able sailor who had not looked at the course had already decided that following the leader would do fine and he would then race past everyone later. Imagine his surprise when arriving at the first mark he found sailors going around in both directions and shouting at each other. So, being an honourable gentleman ( and he is a member!), he retired from the race and sailed a course.

As the fleet headed towards mark 2 Ben was leading Martin and Jake in the vanguard. The OOD was now satisfied that something like amends had been made by most sailors at Mark one and he headed to mark 4 and five to watch the expected carnage there. After all if things had already gone wrong….. When most of the fleet arrived at the beginning of the W they had sharpened up and only a few still made Mark five into a starboard mark (taking them into the ferry track) rather than the port mark indicated on the race map.


Pyronaut decided to get involved as The Matthew had not appeared on the start line and he gave no consideration to sailors, not changing speed or allowance for Nick who avoided him (closely) and upset the Pyronaut helm. No contact and nothing to report.


Adrian and Rupert were giving chase to the two leaders in the GP 14 and Ross was also improving his speed steadily throughout the race and never lost touch with the main contenders. Mark Pilgrim sailed steadily throughout but against some massive handicap numbers was always going to struggle. Ben continued to now chase back the Vanguard, which had passed him, but his handicap being just about one third of Nick's effectively meant he would have to do three ties more laps than Nick to win.

Oleg, in his first solo race with us, did not have the right conditions for his Topper to cope with its load and surpass others. Trevor and Dominic , who were battling to recover from the first mark incident appeared to have settled out of the race. Richard is never comfortable with the W course and was not as competitive as he has been recently in this series.


As the wind died Chris called a slightly early end to the race and allowed the participants to enjoy the post race moan about the useless OOD and his persistence in setting difficult courses. What is wrong with circles for goodness sake?

Chris was the first of the OODs to wear the hivis cover which we should all now wear as OOD as it helps us to be identified by other water users and groups. A radio should also be used as it allows others to contact us during the race in the event of a perceived need.

Results to follow.

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