12th October

Sorry to revert to e.mail this week folks but can’t get the site to let me write a blog.

Could not get the weather to be warm. Could not get the wind to blow consistently in one direction. Could only get the sky to paint itself orange at the end of the day, distress signal orange said Martin.


Martin and Magnus allowed OOD three to have a day off and sail, and then froze pretty solid throughout the rest of the afternoon, so thanks very much for their sacrifice on behalf of those who tried to race and keep warm.


Bright high sunshine and a small shower in the middle for a couple of minutes.


A fearful start , would the wind stay in one place for more than a second. One Pilgrim went astray at this point. Apparently it might have had something to do with suddenly remembering it was Sunday and not Saturday, or just a distraction of another kind. Anyway Mark decided to Retire after several laps, probably due to cold. The water temperature is below 12 at the moment and without a stronger wind there is not enough chance of moving and getting the body temperature up a notch.


From the disturbed start line to the first buoy Chris arrived first but lost the wind just 4 metres short and heard the noise of Ben  approaching on the plane (!) from an Easterly direction. Rich Steptoe followed Ben closely and Dominic with Oleg was left wondering, like Chris, where they had got their wind from. This pattern ran throughout the afternoon. Wondering why you were sitting still and everyone else was moving. These moments followed by brief seconds of movement and seeing everyone else wondering where YOU got the wind from.


Richard Price, sailing with Amy, shared these moments of movement with Kelvin wondering why the Supernova could just not get going all afternoon.


Ben, Richard and Isla all made the best of the conditions, their skill and the best features of the Comet to keep their boats going consistently and take the honours for the race.


Congratulations to Mark for completing as much as he did during the most testing of wind reading conditions while also trying to ward off hyperthermia... no mean feat.

With Allaboard shut for the weekend it was a joy to have the freedom for setting a long legged race course, a pity the wind did not co-operate.


The result


1 – Ben – Comet – 372 seconds per lap

2 – Rich Steptoe – Comet- 402 seconds per lap

3 – Isla – Comet – 430 seconds per lap

3 – Martin – OOD

3 – Magnus - OOD

4 – Chris – 462 seconds per lap

5 – Dom and Oleg – Wayfarer – 466 seconds per lap

6 – Rich and Amy – Wanderer – 513 seconds per lap

7 – Kelvin – Supernova – 550 seconds per lap

8 – Mark – Comet - Rtd

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