25th November - Trousers Ok but wrong shoes

The trousers were mine but the shoes belonged to someone else


Today your correspondent felt like he was wearing Adrian Holmes' shoes. We watch Adrian out in front and staying there, sometimes from race start to race finish. There was a difference though, when the results are adjusted for handica he sometimes stays in front.


A bright and chill day with an almost steady wind from almost due West. The course setters were able to put the windward mark directly upwind bit the kindness of the wind allowed us to sometimes sail almost straight to it. Pete Sanders and John Stansfield set the course and adjudicated. They also set a very narrow start line which forced a lot of boats into the tightness. Some people did not read last week's race report and would not know what it means to “do a LUCY”. Well Kelvin did another one today.


AT the start there is no call for space at the pin end of a start line. There are no rights there. So if you approach on starboard you can expect a boat lower than you to turn up to wind, close the door on you and call for the windward boat to keep clear. Ben did this last week and two boats were caught out. This week he kept it in the family and called out Kelvin. Then Ben hit the pin, spun out and rolled it in the water. Chris had almost overun the line and was running out of dock space on the south side, tacked onto port expecting to see the fleet bearing across on starboard and there was no one there. He then led the race from start to finish.

Trevor had approached the start line in the five minutes, sailed off and reefed. By the time he joined the line he was almost a lap down but his decision gave hie a boat he could control and sail through the race.

Others gave chase of course. Ben made distance back on Chris but Isla and Jackie maintained almost the same distance lost in lap one for the rest of the race On time of course they were ahead. Mark Pilgrim also had a good race and refused to give away time, late in the race a convoy of three Harbourmasters boats did for him, stuck him in irons and valuable time was lost. Rich Steptoe sailed the club Wanderer today with Tom as his crew and although they had fun Rich claimed it was a different sort of boat from a Comet. Well at least it had responded from repairs and no longer went sideways on starboard tack.


Kelvin, reunited with Adrian Mac as crew had not given an inch through the race and although lapped was still fighting for every metre and every second. Richard Jones and Oleg had a race between themselves and Oleg is to be congratulated for persisting with the Laser Radial and gining his confidence on the boat and in the race for position.


In spite of low temperatures the liveliness of the race allowed everyone racing to stay warm, not the same for the OODs today who just got cold. Special thanks for their sacrifice in these conditions.


The Results (these are NOT the results circulated after the race but the adjusted and recalculated results form the timesheet photoed by Ben, thanks Ben)


Race Position Adjusted time according to actual race time adjusted by PY handicap


1 Ben Palmer 41minutes 13 seconds

2 Isla MacNeal 42 minutes 40 seconds

3 Pete Sander OOD

3 John Stansfield OOD

3 Jackie Draper 43 minutes 31 seconds

4 Chris Q 45 minutes

5 Mark Pilgrim 45 minutes 21 seconds

6 Kelvin and Adrian Mac 46 minutes 06 seconds

7 Richard Steptoe and Tom 46 minutes 47 seconds

8 Richard Jones 53 minutes 27 seconds

9 Trevor 54 minutes 39 seconds

10 Oleg Milisic 58 minutes 43 seconds


This method of results timing allows a good comparison for final results and also makes a change.

By the way Adrian Holmes…. Please come back…. Your shoes pinch!

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