John Gulson is innocent!

Amended result.  The finishing order has changed slightly from when this was first posted by Chris.  The Hartley boats have a PY number of 1250, not 1204 as we estimated on the race day, so I have used my mathematical skills (O level 1961) to recalculate the positions.  It is good news for Pete, who moves up a place, but bad news for Jackie, who moves down.  

I was only an innocent bystander today but here are the results.  I’m passing them to you (Chris, that is) in the interests of consistency of practice in the new website.

The race was intended to be a pursuit but, because of the very light wind as we approached start time and the very cold conditions, we decided to change to a handicap.

Richard Steptoe, as OOD, collated the results with Alan’s help.  They need to be provisional because we could not find a PY number for the two Hartley 12s, raced by Pete and Kelvin.  In order to produce a result, Alan decided to give the Hartley’s the same handicap (1204)as the Comets.

The wind improved slightly as the race began and remained light but reasonably consistent.  Adrian made a text book start.  Isla kept up with Ben for the whole of the race and, in one lap, almost caught him.  The OODs were frozen stiff and asked the sailors if they wanted to finish early, but they did not so the race lasted a full hour.


1. Ben                   530
2. Isla                    544
3. Adrian               549

4. Pete S               604
5. Jackie               610
6. Kelvin                661
7. Richard J          790

OODs Richard S, Pete Truss, Trevor

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