Mince Pies bring and end to the Year

On a bright but cold day in mid December nine sailors decided to go out and compete to eat mince pies? Well to race in a light but steady breeze,.

The OOD team of Rupert, Ross and Lucy set an unusual course. Lucy wanted an upwind slalom but Rupert over ruled and created a downwind slalom, hoping or at least considering multiple gybing and rolling. In this they succeeded in setting an unusual course but the sailors declined the invitation to capsize.

The start was a little crowded, a couple of boats hit the approach a little early, ended up close to the wall, cleared the wall and then found they had turned onto the rest of the fleet coming in on starboard. They managed to avoid the collisions and extricated themselves from the mess, while Ben in a Hartley 12 with jib showed Chris how to sail that boat. The difference in weight between the helms, the difference in age and agility between them ended up being nothing as the skill differential eclipsed all the previous and Ben sailed off. A Queue formed at the first mark as people tried to round and get the run sorted out ahead. Chris then lost the mainsheet out of the block and while he span around sorting the rig he should have sorted before the race start the whole fleet just got on with the job in hand.

Not a lot of position changing occurred during the race although your correspondent is at a disadvantage having abandoned the race fairly soon after lap 2. 

It was not a day when pyrotechnics would have shifted the order of the boats. However 7 boats finished and the results are posted below. 76 seconds a lap separated first from last.

At the end of the race home baking from Kelvin provided mince pies, Isla provided chocolate fancies and Ben heated mulled wine while everyone seemed to wish to decline Rupert's invitation to his delicious and decidedly unsnobby instant coffee. It was an unusual post race gathering in the club room but certainly convivial.








1 - Isla                                            354 seconds per lap

2- Ben                                            355 seconds per lap

3 - Rich Steptoe                             365 seconds per lap

4 - Jackie                                       384 seconds per lap

5 - Rich Jones                                413 seconds per lap

6 - Kelvin and Oleg                        416 seconds per lap

7 - Pete                                           432 seconds per lap


8 - Chris ( rtd).. also unemployed... 


The last race report of 2017. These have sometimes been enjoyed, sometimes praised and occasionally read. Certainly it has been a good way to share race results amongst club members, helped by the new website and we look forward to next year.

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