24.02.18 - "Head of the Harbour"

1.       Richard Steptoe, Comet,   1986.7

2.       Isla MacNeal, Comet,   2018.2

3.       Adrian MacFarlane and John Gulson, GP14,   2327.4

4.       Kelvin Palmer, Supernova,   2413.0

5.       Mark Pilgrim, Comet,   2563.1

6.       Ross Henderson, Supernova,   2803.7

7.       Richard Price, Wanderer,   3322.9

8.       Pete Sanders, Supernova,   4191.6

9.       Richard Jones, Gull,   RTD.


OOD Ben Palmer and Oleg Milisic


It was the annual head of the harbour as the warm up to the new sailing season. With the hope that an easterly wind would be more stable some were disappointed.

Isla was lined up for a brilliant start but chose the wrong side of the mark at the last moment. Pete nearly had the same trick but changed his mind at the last moment even if he did hit the mark on the way through.


Most of the fleet stayed together to the SS Great Britain and while the OOD’s back was turned helping a supernova on its site the comets of Isla and Richard speed off. This meant the OOD had to chase after them to drop the first mark before they returned fighting each other for first place.


There was a small confusion in the finishing process and couple more capsizes but the results are worked out on the correct number of laps.




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