31.03.18 - Easter Egg Race

Today was the Easter Egg Fun Race and there was a fleet of 10 boats, an impressive turn out after very miserable weather in the morning.  It stayed very cold but there was no rain and the wind from somewhere in the north provided some frustrating, quiet bits but more brisk and entertaining moments.  The fun was provided by Graham in the form of chicks, bunnies and eggs, which sailors had to collect on their way round the course.  Afterwards there were drinks and presentations outside The Cottage and plenty of chocolate.  Ben led the way almost from the start but Richard and Nigel kept up and took the first two places after the handicaps were applied. 


 1.       Richard Steptoe, Comet

2.       Nigel Oliver, Comet

3.       Ben Palmer and (crew member to be added), RS200

4.       Isla MacNeal, Comet

5.       Kelvin Palmer, Supernova,

6.       Mark Pilgrim, Comet 

7.       Richard Price, (crew member to be added) ,Wanderer 

8.       Richard Jones, Gull,  

9.       Oleg  Milisic, Laser

10.     Nick  Stroud, Solo


OODs:  Graham Cross, Ross Henderson

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