5th May 2018 - It gets better... Spring Series, Race 2

It was a beautiful day and a good turnout of members stood around looking at the limp flags and thinking "Is it worth it?".  But they decided it was and ten boats starting out hopefully on a cautiously short lap.  The first lap took ages but after that the wind showed a little more enthusiasm and we had a pretty good race.  Here are the results:


1.   Richard Steptoe    (Comet)

2.   Richard Price and Celine  (Wanderer)

3.   Isla MacNeal  (Comet)

4.   Ben Palmer and Adrian Holmes (RS200)

5.   Jackie Draper  (Laser)

6.   Mark Hicks  (Comet)

7.   Kelvin Palmer and Emily (Wanderer)

8.   Richard Jones  (Gull)

9.   Adam and Margot  (Wanderer)

10. Oleg Milisic (Laser)


OODs: Pete Sanders, Mark Pilgrim, John Gulson

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