Saturday 20th May - Spring Handicap, Race 3

1st          Adrian Holmes

2nd        Jackie Draper

3rd         Adrian Mac/Rupert

4th         Kelvin Palmer/Evido

5th         Richard Jones

6th         RichardPrice/Celine

7th         Gabriel (club guest)

8th         Simon Bright

9th         Trevor/Florence.


OOD. Richard Steptoe. Isla Macneal.


Wind NNE ish, roughly, thereabouts.


A great race to watch,we turned up not expecting anyone would want to race given the 2-3mph wind speed forecast.  We were wrong. 9 boats in the fleet, one  guest who had never sailed the docks before or indeed a comet.  


With winds shifting through the the 5 minute countdown we feared a downwind start but just in time a shift back to NNW.  


Cutting it too fine Trevor had to round and start again with the rest of the fleet away safely even at close quarters.  Adrian H rounded mark one first, sailing  Isla's comet buttercup, and maintained this position throughout.  The rest were left to battle it out with changing fortunes as winds shifted dropped or just plain stopped.  Much to ing and frowing between the wanderers and Jackie in her laser.  Simon falling foul of the fishermen at mark 5 saw his sterling attempt to keep with the lead boats skupperd (colourful language from the fisher folk, well done Simon for remaining gracious). 


Despite the conditions everyone enjoyed the sunshine. Adrian maybe in the market for a comet.

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