Spring Handicap, Race 4

The results and corrected times are:


  1. Richard Steptoe 3306

  2. Adrian Holmes 3330

  3. Isla 3337

  4. Richard Walker 3562

  5. Jackie 3720

  6. Mark Pilgrim 3759

  7. Kelvin and Emily 4280

  8. Ross and Darren 4387

  9. Pete and Richard 4428

  10. Richard Jones 5078

OODs: Ben Palmer and Pete Truss


Contrary to the predicted weather the rain didn't arrive and the sun came out. The course was set much further west than normal with the final mark right in front of the cottage. For a bank holiday weekend the water was busy and required some careful avoidance at times.


Isla got the best start on port tack clearing all those that tacked on the wall. Adrian in the borrowed supernova passed Richard and Isla on the first lap and held the lead to the end. The only real incidents were people hitting marks either trying to drift around them or not seeing them.



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