5th June 2018 - June Evening Series, Race 1

1st       Kelvin (Supernova)                     2660

2nd     Adam & Carlos (Wanderer)        2932

3rd      Richard (Gull)                            2983

4th      Adrian & Rupert (Wayfarer)      3062




An interesting race, with light NE winds, enlivened by a children’s Pico race happening at the same time on the same piece of water.


Only four boats on this beautiful Tuesday evening, but we were pleased to welcome new member Carlos crewing for Adam in the Club Wanderer, with regulars Kelvin (Supernova), Richard Jones (Gull) and Adrian Mac (abley assisted by Rupert) sailing Trevor’s Wayfarer.


Inspired by his new Musto cap Kelvin aced the start and never really looked back.  Adrian Mac managed to get himself in irons at the start, as he watched Richard and Adam both get off to textbook starts themselves.


This professional display was somewhat dented when Adam ignored Mark 2, with Adrian blindly following.  Rupert was, as ever, on the ball and kindly pointed out the offending mark to his helm, and in the spirit of gamesmanship Adam was, after a delay of only ten seconds or so, duly notified.


Kelvin never looked like being caught, showing us all how it was supposed to be done and making the most of occasional gusts and ever-shifting breezes.  His downwind speed was as impressive as his headwear.  Mr Jones also showed very good pace, was tidy around the marks, and it wasn’t until the second half of the hour when the faster boats managed to finally shake him off.


Adrian/Rupert and Adam/Carlos fought a very close race, with the Wanderer catching the Wayfarer on the downwind leg, but the bigger boat managing to make up lost ground on the beat.  In the end the Wayfarer crossed the line half a lap ahead of the Wanderer, but this proved an inadequate margin.


Kelvin took honours, but only a few seconds seperated the rest of the field in what proved to be a very close race.


Thanks to Ben for taking OOD duties.


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