12th June 2018 - June Evening Series, Race 2


The second race of the June Evening series, and a good turnout with some close racing.


New member Carlos tried his hand in the Club Laser; Mark Hicks dusted off his beautiful GP14; Rupert tried to sail his Firefly but, as his mast had been taken from the Dutch Barn, had to settle for a Club Topper; Richard Walker was one of only two Comets on the water; Adam teamed up with new member Emily in the doughty Club Wanderer; Richard Jones was assisted by Natalie in his trusty Gull; Adrian Mac and prospective new member Steph gave his leaky GP14 a run, and finally prospective new member Dave mounted the other Comet.


It was an evening for having your head on a swivel, as the Sea Scouts, Paddleboarders and numerous other craft all seemed to be claiming the acre between the Cottage Inn and the Grain Barge.   A light, north-easterly breeze tumbled down from Clifton Wood resulting in the Wharf's signature confused, sporadic and at times mystifying wind.


Honours went to Richard in the Comet, with Adam pipping Adrian once again for the second step on the podium.


Many thanks to Kelvin for his sterling efforts as the lone OOD.


(Please note the results given at the end of the race were provisional, the correct results are as shown above).


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