Sunday 8th July - Sunday Series 1

It Sunday afternoon and Day 21 of the UK's hottest spell since '76 with ten boats are slitting the water ahead of the lastest skirmish of BWSC's Summer Series 2. Never mind the 100+ other people on the water including yachts, dinghies, motor boats, rowing boats, SUPs and a naval frigate. 


The wind today at its most fickle, capricious and damnable. For instance, at the start, the fleet beat strongly to  windward  whereat the wind flipped 180 degrees and everyone beat back again to the erstwhile leeward mark. 


Though it did settle to an Easterly, many weirdnesses were on show. For instance we watched several boats making good way downwind whilst an adjacent boat was sitting stationary going up wind. There is nothing quite as miserable as watching boats whiz passed as you sit in your private doldrum.


Despite busy sailing around the course (Scouts at one end and CQ with about x40 9 year olds at the other) the fairway stayed pretty clear, though a stand (? collective noun) of about twenty SUPs did float through at 15:07. 


Ben and Cathy navigated the gusts with gusto to finish first but after handicap adjustment it was 1,2 and 3 for the dazzling Comets of Mark, Richard and Adrian.  Great sailing all round despite intense heat, variable winds and much collateral action on the water. Bravo!


1.   Richard Walker                                 Comet          374

2.  Mark Hicks                                        Comet          377

3.  Adrian MacFarlane                          Comet           378 

4.  Ben Palmer and Kath Cashman    Scorpion        383

5.  Jude and Celine                                Firefly            435

6.  Kelvin Palmer and crew                   Wanderer      436

7.  Jackie Draper                                     Laser R          451

8. Oleg Milisic                                         Laser              520

9. Richard Jones                                     Gull                607


Rupert Diffey                                          Firefly            Retired




Trevor Thompson

John Gulson

Florence Saumarez



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