Late reporting of results in September

We haven't worked out a system for getting the results on to the website yet and I have missed some over the last month.  Here is an update. 


8 September - Personal Handicap 1


1.  Kelvin Palmer

2.  Adrian MacFarlane

3.  Simon Bright

4.  Ross Henderson

5.  Ben Palmer and Tom Appleby

6.  Richard Jones

7.  Mark Hicks

8.  Simon Baker and Karen Iles

9.  Oleg Miicisic


OODs  Chris Queree and Magnus Linklater



29 September - Personal Handicap 4


1.  Kelvin Palmer

2.  Ben Palmer and Astrid Blee

3.  Dave Smith

4.  Mark Pilgrim

5.  Oleg Milisic

6.  Richard Jones and Amy Francome

DNF  Adrian MacFarlane



OODs Adrian Holmes and Phil Ridland







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