Winter Pursuit Series: Race 2

The weather forecast put some people off before the race started and the wind changes and gusts caused three people to retire early but it was an exhilarating race with lots of thrills and only one spill.  The OODs decided to run a handicap rather than a pursuit.  Thanks to Mike and Julie and to Simon, who calculated the results with finesse.  Thanks also to Pete for offering a bit of extra safety cover.


Here is how it worked out:


1.   Ben Palmer                          

2.   Adrian Holmes                      

3.   Richard Steptoe                   

4.   Paddy Royall                        

5.   Richard Price and Céline Petijean

6.   Kelvin Palmer and Steph Eddy

7.   Tom Appleby

8.   Trevor Thompson

9.   Oleg Milisic


DNF:  Chris Querée, Richard Walker, Richard Jones


OODs;  Mike Lane and Julie Lane (and their dog, Penny) and Simon Bright

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