Saturday November 24th - Beaujolais Race

It was dull, a typical November day and it did not look like there was going to be much wind; but there was.  It blew from the east, down the middle of the course and allowed some fast and interesting sailing.  Seven boats set sail.  The results are in:


1.  Richard Steptoe     2788.4

2.  Adrian Holmes and Simon Baker    2960.5

3.  Kelvin Palmer     3046.5

4.  Richard Price and Céline Petitjean  3057.1

5.  Richard Jones     3207.7

6.  Mark Pilgrim     3210.6

7.  Oleg Milisic     3492.6


OODs:  Kath Cashman and Ben Palmer


The winner received the traditional bottle of Beajolais and the runner up the equally coveted bottle of Sarson's Vinegar


(This race stands alone and is not part of the Winter Series)

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